Momma Jon't Know Dack!

My life with a miswired brain, a home business, and a 2-yr old.


Wtf did you just try to say??

I don’t know what has been going on…but my verbal dyslexia has been on full blast the last couple of days!

Just yesterday,  I  am excited because I bought some hot new jeans so OF COURSE I had to try them on!! My friend walks in and I was all like “ooh, girl, I look sinny as kell and shot as hit!!! LOOK AT MY BUTT!” Then of course I realized that I TOTALLY effed it all up and now we are both laughing and im about to pee. I also have this weird ability to over laugh situations til I wanna tinkle……awesome………and with someone like me who laughs at alot, especially farts, yeah… bueno!!!!

Anyway, come home and I am talking to my momma, who btw is a truly awesome lady for putting up with me, and im telling HER about my poopapalooza and I say ‘Mom, I sheriously sit so much, my stomach instantly belt fetter’ AGAIN with the laughing, but now you add my momma, who snorts when she laughs…..I tell her I have to get off the phone or im gonna piss myself, said our I love yous and regained my normal breathing pattern and used a few tissues…..for my eyes, you nerds!, and I am sitting here thinking…my gosh, did I have a stroke? Its bad today! I had way more instances today than normal and more than what I shared. I decided I didnt care, I was in a good mood and if anything, im making people laugh…im a people pleaser 🙂

Just wanted to share…this is my brain…not on drugs haha

Love yas, Momma