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My life with a miswired brain, a home business, and a 2-yr old.

Warning! I am not funny

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Picture is courtesy of Selfie Sunday 😉 Which is something I totally just made up hahaha

Hey ya’ll. I know I usually write pretty funny things…but tonight I do not feel that funny….

Last night I wrote this HUGE blog with videos, and pictures and hella funny stories…and just as I hit post, WordPress ate it….it is nowhere to be found! So tonight I’m just bitching about it…because now a chipmunk loose in my house and flying at my face just doesn’t sound as funny….

Ok, I will give you some awesomeness thought…my son learned how to jump finally AND ITS THE FUNNIEST SHIT IN THE WHOLE WORLD! I know I’m a little biased, but I have the cutest kid in the world….haha here is his video of him jumping

Isn’t he the greatest? haha Ok…I guess I won’t bitch too much, but I still don’t feel like rewriting all of what I did lastnight…a little butthurt and sulking…but here is what to expect : chipmunks, a naked guy and a 22 yr old guy hitting on me! woot woot! I’m 32! I told him he must like cougars 😉

Ok, leaving you with a video of a song I love love love…

Love ya,


Author: Momma Jon't Know Dack

Well...I'm! With a home business, a 2 yr old son, Jack, and an inability to speak without sounding like a drunk. I call it verbal dyslexia... i take the beginning of two words and mix them up, like "that bunk is jad" instead of "that junk is bad". I aim for lots of laughs, lots of love and lots of posts of my superly awesome sauce days. No doubt you'll enjoy. Love, Momma

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