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Guardian Angel?


Good afternoon everyone. I have a rather serious post for you all today. Momma is a little freaked and touched right now.
I returned home from my parents’ house several hours ago, waved at the neighbor across the street pulling weeds, and backed into my spot. I’m not in the house 5 minutes and I see several ambulances, a fire truck, and State Highway Patrol fly by my house and then apply brakes…I’m curious now.
I walk out in the front yard and see my neighbor just staring down the road. Traffic is stopped and no cars coming from the other direction. I walked over to her and as I was asking what was going on she throws her arms around me and says, “The car just 10 seconds behind you caused a 5 car accident…it doesnt look too good.” I got chills…and so sick to my stomach….she looked at me and said, “Honey…if you had been just 10 seconds later….oh lord, you have someone very awesome watching over you”
We hugged…and even though I am not religious we prayed for all involved with tears in our eyes. I then ran back inside, scooped up Jack and just held him. He was in the car with me on my way home. If anything would have happened to him I don’t know what I would do with myself. I sat there and cried as I watched 3 of the cars were towed away, completely totalled. The last of which had a baby seat hanging out of the mangled door/window. I almost got sick because that could have been us!
I do believe someone was watching and helped me leave my parents’ house at that time and not a second later. My mind is going crazy right now with all the what if’s. I am really aslo feelong my grandparents right now and my baby cousin Savannah…ah…such love!
So the point of me telling you all of this is to please hug your son, daughter, mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend and tell them that you love them so much. You really do just never know what could happen…..none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.
Love you all,


Author: Momma Jon't Know Dack

Well...I'm! With a home business, a 2 yr old son, Jack, and an inability to speak without sounding like a drunk. I call it verbal dyslexia... i take the beginning of two words and mix them up, like "that bunk is jad" instead of "that junk is bad". I aim for lots of laughs, lots of love and lots of posts of my superly awesome sauce days. No doubt you'll enjoy. Love, Momma

2 thoughts on “Guardian Angel?

  1. You are so right, we never know what lies around the next little corner of our lives. So glad you and Jack are OK.

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