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My life with a miswired brain, a home business, and a 2-yr old.



I’m bringing sexy back! Shits…it’s already been broughten!

Hi my loves!!! I’m so sorry that I haven’t been on in toooooo long. I started work for a local campground for a little extra spending cash and boy…I’m their slave now!

Anyway, a lot has been happening the last couple weeks besides working! My big man is counting to 12 (YAY!!!) and he’s only 2 yrs and 4 months!! 3 months premature…such a little smarty…thank goodness he takes after me!!!

My brain has been getting me laughs at work…there is a huge problem with Meth in the county, and unfortunately we see a lot of the individuals. My second day on the job we were all standing under and awning ready to start the day when we noticed this guy ride up in a bike all happy and talking to himself…then he starts singing….then yelling and falls off his bike…gets up, sings and starts twitching all around laughing again….we were all just staring and before my filter could work I just blurted out, “Meth…it’s a hell of a drug” I was embarrassed i just said that in front of my boss but he turns to me, starts laughing out loud and said, “I knew there was a reason I wanted to hire you besides your looks” and pats me on the back. So of course I start laughing too. Made me feel good…I’m the only woman amongst a bunch of men ( I know…poor me, right?) So for them to get a laugh, made me feel about 10 feet tall instead of 5 haha

In other news…my son has decided that he LOOOOVVVEESSS Happy by Pharrell…he’s started dancing to it and oh the videos are hilarious!!!

…he cracks me up.!!!!!! He definitely got some moves from his mama!!!! I included the song for all of your enjoyment 🙂 I can’t help but to dance to it also 🙂 I’m now so happy. I know I provided links for things…I’m still trying to figure out how to get this all just on here…bear with me! Or fucking teach me. If you don’t like it…don’t read my shit then!
I can’t stop dancing now….damnit…and I need to go to bed.
I’m also hungry…I need chocolate! Ya know…my randomness reminds me of a pic…


Ok..night ya’ll.

Love ya’s,



Author: Momma Jon't Know Dack

Well...I'm! With a home business, a 2 yr old son, Jack, and an inability to speak without sounding like a drunk. I call it verbal dyslexia... i take the beginning of two words and mix them up, like "that bunk is jad" instead of "that junk is bad". I aim for lots of laughs, lots of love and lots of posts of my superly awesome sauce days. No doubt you'll enjoy. Love, Momma

5 thoughts on “HAPPY!!!

  1. I didn’t even know you could post “portrait” orientation videos, so I learn’t something new !

  2. That was just too damn cute! Reminded me of my 4 year old lol Sippy and all!! BTW, I sent you a friends request on Facebook, It’s under Tim Taylor. 🙂

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