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My life with a miswired brain, a home business, and a 2-yr old.

I feel like my brain has left the building


jack in daddy's shoes

The cuteness that is a screaming child in his daddy’s shoes….after wrecking my dining room…… ❤


Today started off ok…as you can see in the pic I posted of Jack in his daddy’s shoes. That kid makes me laugh…I just heard him yelling, “Daddy?, DADDY!, SHOES!!” and I had to snap the picture.

Ok, on to what I wanted to tell you guys and girls about.

About a month ago I signed up with Damsel in Defense to be an Independent Damsel Pro…what is it? It’s like Avon but with stun guns and peppers sprays geared towards the ladies. It is actually really damn nifty and I am excited to stand behind these products.

Anyway, I had an online party for it first, got really excited and invited like 80 people to check it out…and after 9 days I didn’t sell a damn thing….NOT ONE THING! I know you’re saying, “Oh well you have to promote yourself, blah blah blah” I did…….I posted reminding everyone to get their orders in. Contacted runners trying to get them to buy our pepperspray glove which would rock for them…I posted nifty quotes and pics allover my facebook…both of them! I got discouraged…got a little down….then my son decides he wants nothing to do with me and Daddy is the cool one….I lost it…I got crankier….had a spout with the old man… is awesome this week, huh?

So today, I tried to tell myself I’m not going to feel sorry for myself I’m going to get my ass out there and promote this business…Educate, Empower and Equip, thats my mission… what do I do? Stay on the couch and eat veggie straws…duh! I had started to feel a little better….then my sister says she can’t make my launch party Saturday…BITCH!! I told her she better have a party for me or buy product….so she went online and bought from my virtual store…ok, you’re not a bitch 🙂 After that, 2 more people said they’d come to my party and all want info to take with them to show their friends and family….so life got better after my mini meltdown lastnight.

Oh, right, I said my brain had left the building…here I am just rambling on and you’re all like…wtf? See? That proves it…I ain’t right, folks…but ya know what? I’d rather be left than right! 😉 Brain has LEFT the building…emotions are rampant…and no, I’m not raggin! Just a tiny bit crazy, maybe.

Ok, totally random, I miss my friend Danielle and our days of laughter where we would dance with glowsticks dangling in front of us like they were booby tassles….yeah…..I just said that. I think this summer it is going to have to be mandatory for me to get my ass and Jack out of this house for some Vitamin D and socialization…maybe that’s my problem? 😉

Night world,

Love, Momma



Author: Momma Jon't Know Dack

Well...I'm! With a home business, a 2 yr old son, Jack, and an inability to speak without sounding like a drunk. I call it verbal dyslexia... i take the beginning of two words and mix them up, like "that bunk is jad" instead of "that junk is bad". I aim for lots of laughs, lots of love and lots of posts of my superly awesome sauce days. No doubt you'll enjoy. Love, Momma

2 thoughts on “I feel like my brain has left the building

  1. Things will get better. It’s part of the highs and lows of being a small business owner. Jack is SO CUTE!!!!!!!! I’m so glad you got a pic of it!! 😀

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