Momma Jon't Know Dack!

My life with a miswired brain, a home business, and a 2-yr old.

Brain Farts…Hello!!!


St. Patty's Day with a leprechaun.

St. Patty’s Day with a leprechaun.

Hello all!

I am Andrea…and this is my page…and this is my job…and you’ll see my son 😉

Tonight of all nights, I decided to start a blog. Why you ask? Because I was sick and tired of laughing at myself and wanted others to enjoy me, that’s why. Plus, it’s not fair for me to keep my handsome son, Jack, (starting to get the title yet??)  and my business all to myself, gotta get them out there!

Following my page will ensure laughter at the bum-tarded words that are most likely going to come out of my mouth and scenarios and “graceful as a three-legged dog” antics . Oh..and the bum-tarded words?  It’s what I call Verbal Dyslexia…instead of saying “the floors are shiny”, I say…”the shoors are fliny”…yep, I’m just that damn special.

Ok, and this crazy home business that I run? It’s called Damsel in Defense. I promote self defense and sell really cool girly self defense and safety items, just hit the Damsel in Defense button up top there and please check it out! Leave me comments here about anything you’d like to see demonstrated or pics of up close…also taking requests for funny pics of me….(ok, that’s a lie, I will post them on my own) again…I’m that damn special!

Later Peeps,

Love Momma


Author: Momma Jon't Know Dack

Well...I'm! With a home business, a 2 yr old son, Jack, and an inability to speak without sounding like a drunk. I call it verbal dyslexia... i take the beginning of two words and mix them up, like "that bunk is jad" instead of "that junk is bad". I aim for lots of laughs, lots of love and lots of posts of my superly awesome sauce days. No doubt you'll enjoy. Love, Momma

5 thoughts on “Brain Farts…Hello!!!

  1. Welcome to the blogoverse!!!!!!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging! It is so much fun! Enjoy!

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